Node.js Training Course (2-3 days


Note: this outline is our proposal, but the training can be tailored to your specific requirements upon prior request ahead of the proposed course date.

Why Learn Node.js?

The Node.js course is designed to be a comprehensive three-day crash-course in Node.js development, focusing on the core competencies required to develop Node.js applications for the enterprise.

Course details

This outline can cover both fundamental and advanced topics.

The final training outline will be designed depending on your particular requirements.

The practical exercises constitute a big part of the course time, besides demonstrations and theoretical presentations. Discussions and questions can be asked throughout the course.


Application engineers, QA engineers, other engineers and operations personnel requiring deeper Node.js context and understanding


  • Familiarity with JavaScript and Node.js


Course Outline



  • Understand the internal components of node, its design philosophies, and some of its strengths and weaknesses

  • Be able to set up their own Node.js development environments

  • Understand the Node.js module system and key core modules

  • Be able to leverage npm and the greater module ecosystem

  • Be able to write and debug code leveraging Node.js, key modules, and I/O libraries

Possible Topics:

  • modules

  • callbacks

  • eventEmitters

  • error handling

  • buers

  • streams

  • file system


  • child process

  • cluster

  • assert

  • debugging