Nagios XI Administration Training Course (3+ days


Note: this outline is our proposal, but the training can be tailored to your specific requirements upon prior request ahead of the proposed course date.

Why Learn Nagios

Nagios XI provides monitoring of all mission-critical infrastructure components including applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, systems metrics, and network infrastructure. Hundreds of third-party addons provide for monitoring of virtually all in-house and external applications, services, and systems.


- Basic:

  • Working knowledge of Linux and Windows Operating Systems

  • Understanding of Network Fundamentals (Ports, Protocols, Network Topology, IP Addresses etc)

  • Background on IT Infrastructure Monitoring will be helpful

  • Experience in handling any kind of IT infrastructure tool will help

- Advanced:

  • Completed Nagios XI Basic Administrator Training course OR at least 2 years of Experience in using Nagios XI

  • Familiarity with types of Databases

  • Some experience with Enterprise Applications deployed on IT Infrastructure

  • Understanding of the role of APIs in the integration of Applications

  • Basic understanding of SNMP technology in Networking

Experience in handling any kind of IT infrastructure tool will help

Course details

This outline can cover both fundamental and advanced topics.

The final training outline will be designed depending on your particular requirements.

The practical exercises constitute a big part of the course time, besides demonstrations and theoretical presentations. Discussions and questions can be asked throughout the course.


Course Outline

- Basic:

Nagios XI Installation

  • Linux OS Level Dependencies

  • Nagios XI installation Process

  • File Locations and Directory Structure


Nagios XI Basics

  • Overall Nagios Architecture

  • Basic Approach to Configuration in Nagios

  • Monitoring Engine Overview


Monitoring Linux Machines

  • Using NRPE Agent to Monitor Linux Machines

  • Using SSH to monitoring Linux Machines

  • Using SNMP to Monitor Linux Machines

  • RAM, CPU, Processes, and Disk Space Monitoring


Monitoring Windows Machines

  • Using NSClient++ Agent to Monitor Windows Machines

  • RAM, CPU, Processes, and Disk Space Monitoring

  • Using WMI for Windows Monitoring

  • Using SNMP for Windows Monitoring


Monitoring Network Devices

  • Using Basic SNMP for network monitoring

  • Router, Switches, Firewall and Storage Devices


Performance Charts, Graphs and Dashboards

  • Using Performance Charts in Nagios XI

  • Graph Explorer in Nagios XI

  • Simple Dashboards in Nagios XI


Alerts, Notifications and Escalations

  • Creating On-Screen Alerts and email notifications

  • Defining escalation flow for issues in Nagios


Additional Tools

  • BBMap

  • Minemap

  • Network Status Map



  • Standard Executive Summary Reports

  • Host and Service Availability Reports


Backup and Restore

  • Creating Backups for Nagios

  • Restoring Nagios from an old Backup


Enterprise Feature Overview

  • Feature Comparison between Standard and Enterprise Edition

- Advanced:

  • Enterprise Feature Overview

  • Feature Comparison between Standard and Enterprise Edition


Auto Discovery

  • Using Auto-discovery in Nagios XI Enterprise

  •  Bulk Modifications

  • Using Bulk Modification Tool in Nagios XI Enterprise


Audit Logs

  • Using Audit Logs


NagVis Tool

  • Setting up NagVis tool for visual mapping

  • Using Performance Charts in Nagios XI


Capacity Planning

  • Using Capacity Planning Nagios XI Enterprise


Bandwidth Utilization Reports

  • Using Bandwidth Utilization Report in Nagios XI Enterprise


Scheduled Reports

  • Scheduling reports in Nagios XI Enterprise


SLA Report

  • Creating SLA reports in Nagios XI Enterprise


Business Process Intelligence

  • Business Process Intelligence (BPI)


Passive Monitoring

  • Passive Monitoring for Remote Clients


Distributed Monitoring

  • Distributed Monitoring using Nagios Fusion

  • Database Monitoring

  • Monitoring Oracle Databases

  • Monitoring MS SQL Databases

  • Monitoring MySQL Databases

  • Applications Monitoring

  • Approach to Applications Monitoring

  • Monitoring Tomcat Applications Example

  • Using Plugins for Applications Monitoring

  • Monitoring VMWare

  • Monitoring ESX in Nagios


SNMP Trap Integration

  • Receiving traps from Network Devices

  • NSTI tool in Nagios XI Enterprise


High Availability

  • High Availability Options in Nagios XI


Plugins and Components

  • Using Plugins to extend functionality of Nagios XI

Using Component Library